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We all remember at school and during the various sports clubs and we went to in our younger lives how much we wanted to win a trophy. Whilst we want to win for the sake of winning, whatever pastime or hobby which we took part in, there was something about having a trophy that made it all real. In short, trophies have power of their own. We are going to talk about particular style of trophy, the animal Trophy, and why it’s a particularly good top of trophy to get for your club or organization. First though, we’re going to talk about some of the reasons that trophies have such appeal on their own.

So, to begin, trophies are great for:

  • Demonstrating a sense of achievement. Like it or not, eventually our memories will fade and the sense of achievement we got in the moment will also fade with it. Having a trophy is like having an anchor in a storm-life will try and get in the way of you remembering the great things you’ve done, and having a trophy to hold and look at will keep those memories fresh for longer. Long after you’ve forgotten, the trophy will remain, and so will your sense of achievement.
  • Setting a benchmark for future progress. If somebody wins a second-place trophy, how inspired you think that they will be if they have to look at that every day to get to first place?
  • Reminder of all the work that has been put in to achieving something. People tend to think in terms of big events in their lives-this is winning the jackpot. However, behind any success is a long and hard journey. A trophy as a reward and reminder that success takes time.
  • A trophy can be used for inspiration should you want to slack. You have already succeeded ones, and you know what it takes to get there. Try looking at a trophy, slacking off and then feeling good about yourself. It’s tough.

Why Animal Trophies?

There are several good reasons why you would want an animal trophy, as opposed to some other trophy. The first reason is that not only does an animal Trophy work as an signifier of achievement, but it also inspires because animals work as archetypal forces. For instance, you could have bear trophy which might signify strength. You could have an eagle trophy / horse trophy which might signify nobility, or a bull trophydog trophy which might signify stability and intelligence.

If you are buying your trophies on the half of an organization, and animal Trophy is a great way to get kids involved-they love trophies that have animals on them, because kids can relate to animals. They think in the archetypal terms with talked about above, they see bearing they think they can be strong like a bear. They also respond to animals because animals tend to be the main characters in their favorite TV shows.

Most importantly, animal trophies are something that is a lot more real and tangible than just a simple statue with a number one on it. Animal trophies are great for inspiring people of all ages, because they signify something before you win the trophy, and long after you’ve won the trophy.

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