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Participation is the key to success. And, it doesn’t matter whether you have won a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in any of the games. Even though, the level of happiness increases as per the level of award, it should not be the only criteria to judge the spirit of the games. Agreed? Well, so if you are trying to search for a good memento to reward your employees or other sports people, you have reached the right place. Here, you will get the best quality trophies, plaques and medals.

The bronze medal is made out of Bronze and is usually given to people, who have finished in the third spot. The winner gets Gold, and the second place winner gets the silver. Bronze is a high quality metal, and is used for making lovely trophies, plates, and awards. This medal came into existence, and started being used as a third position reward in 1904 Olympic Games. Prior to that, only the gold and silver medals were awarded.

Psychological Effect of Bronze Medal

The satisfaction on winning a bronze is quite huge for the participants. Having beaten all the other participants, and to have reached the top three position, is, in itself a big achievement. To have received something, instead of nothing, is a huge honour. In fact, the happiness on winning a bronze, will be more than the silver. The person, who wins the silver is usually disappointed to have lost the gold.

Well, whatever be the reason, to receive a prize for participating in the games is a huge thrill. And, be it an individual effort or a team effort, the effort is what counts. And, to sustain all the stress and tension, and to emerge as a champion requires a great deal of stamina and perseverance.

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