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Those who have visited the offices of some established business have probably noticed the bronze plaques hanged on the walls or placed on the office tables and desks. Their presence enriches the space and at the same time improves the image of the business. Of course, there are situations when people use them in their own homes. In case, you are still wondering where exactly can you use bronze plaques we have prepared a shortlist of spaces and situations where these items can be used.

To start with, bronze plaques are often used as name plates. Places like doctor, dentist or lawyer office is surely some of the most common places where you can find them. After the process of engraving, these name plates get the names and qualifications of the persons who use certain office. They usually place them on the door or on their desk. In this way visitors know who they are addressing to. In addition, bronze plaque is a common item found in corporate buildings where people can find more than one businesses. They serve as signs that can help visitors to find what they are looking for easily.

Bronze plaques are also used as donor plaques. There are many organizations (especially charity organizations) that want to show their gratitude to their donors because of the support they get from them and that’s why they usually want to hang a donor plaque as a sign of appreciation. Some hospitals for example, dedicate certain wings of their building to some of the donors and place a donor plaque in front of the wing. Bigger organizations have special walls dedicated to these donors. In addition, schools use some of their walls in a similar way, but this time they commemorate those who have left.

Bronze plaques come in different designs and the design depends on the purpose of these plaques. For example, in some cases they are used for informational purposes and that’s why the plaques are slightly bigger. We have all seen the big bronze plaques in museums where they are used to mark different departments or to assist the visitors in finding the exit, certain exhibition or other useful information. Unlike other items used for informational purposes, people can be sure that bronze plaques will withstand the test of time because they are very durable.

It is very common to see bronze plaques given as an award. There are different events and situations in which these items are used for this purpose. For example, sports teams get plaques when they win A  championship. Competitors in various competitions like debates get plaques as awards too. People retiring from their work as police officers or military personnel often receive plaques as a confirmation for their efforts and contribution.

Finally, bronze plaques are very affordable. Many people custom-made plaques to make their special one’s happy. Whether it is for their birthday, Mother’s day, anniversaries, receiving a bronze plaque with an interesting message will surely make anyone feel special.




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My clients were absolutely delighted to receive their bronze plaques as appreciation awards. Thank you TrophySG for your masterpieces!

Kelvin Tan

Bronze Plaque

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