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When it comes to popular sports, cricket is up there with some of the all-time greats, and for good reason too. Cricket is enjoyed in countries all over the world and is a big part of many of their cultural heritages in actual fact. Obviously you have your professional cricket players but semi-pro and amateur cricket clubs are growing in popularity day by day. With so many people playing and enjoying cricket on a weekly basis, obviously they will need something to play for i.e. an award or trophies perhaps. In cricket tournaments, no matter their ranking or professional level, playing for a prestigious award can make all the difference, not only for the players, but the spectators as well. The great thing about these awards and trophies is that there are services you can take advantage of, that will create custom made trophies and awards catered exclusively to their customers and their customers’ specifications. Here’s a look at three examples of the different styles of awards and trophy cups currently available.


Gold, silver and bronze – If you’re organizing a cricket tournament or event, obviously the teams in the league/tournament will need something to play for. By ordering custom made trophies, cups or even medals in gold, silver and bronze, teams can be rewarded for finishing first (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze). Again you don’t necessarily need to arrange for a trophy, perhaps you could go for medals instead, or perhaps a gold trophy for the winner and a silver and bronze medal for the runners up?


Glass or crystal – Trophies don’t necessarily have to be traditional cup-shaped these days. In fact, more and more cricket leagues are ordering glass or crystal trophies that are used not only in tournaments and leagues, but also in awards evenings and such like. These trophies look great and they can be engraved and customised with any text you require.


Plaques – Not keen on a metal, glass or crystal trophy? Why not go with a plaque instead. These plaques come in a variety of finishes, often with stunning polished wood along with an engraved gold plate stating what or who the award is actually for. The wood goes together perfectly with any polished metal and these plaques look great when mounted on a wall.


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