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A trophy, plaque or a medal serves as a token of appreciation for an achievement. It is given to honor the effort and dedication that one has put in achieving some feat. Thus a trophy must be a memorable one. It should be such that it would shine in the eyes of the recipient forever. At we bring to you a wide range of quality products; marked with perfection and professionalism. Every trophy or medal that we design is marked with our innovation and creativity. We have thus established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of trophies, awards and corporate gifts in Singapore.

The choice of a trophy is very important. The choice should be in accordance with the achievement that us being honored. Thus animal trophies are a great alternative to simple statues or memento with a #1 written on it. Like you can have a dog trophy or a dog sign or symbol engraved on a trophy to mark courage, strength and tenacity. Different animal awards signify different meanings. Animal trophies are great for inspiring people of all ages because they signify something before you win the trophy and long after you have won it.

Be it game awards or club shows, you can always give a dog trophy as a mark of acknowledging the success of the achiever. People can relate, especially small kids can relate a lot to animals since animals form the major part of their favorite TV shows. takes pride in providing best quality trophies, medals and plaques and an excellent customer service to meet their needs. So what is the wait for? Connect with us today and inform us of what you need. We will design the award accordingly and put our best step forward. We always believe that customer satisfaction is our trophy.


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