Eagle Trophy

What a Trophy Represents

A trophy represents the pinnacle of a person’s achievement at whatever it is the trophy is a reward for. As such, a trophy is something that a person should be able to look at and feel the same pride when seeing it as they did when they won it.

A trophy represents more than achievement though: trophy represents all the hard work and commitment that went into achieving something, as well as the achievement itself. So when a person looks at a trophy, they should also remember everything that they undertook to become a winner.

For this reason, a trophy should also be something that reminds person that they cannot slack off and expect to achieve what they have done in the past. If you have one of trophy, whenever you look at it, it should remind you to work to the best of your ability, so you may continue your winning ways.

What an Eagle Represents

  • An eagle represents nobility. When we think are illegal, we think the creature which is noble and as such, we are reminded of our own moral character. The things that we think are bright, in the things that we value as a person.
  • An eagle soars above other creatures, including us. As such, it serves as a beautiful metaphor the way that achievement will raise you above your peers and have them look upon you in awe as opposed to as an equal.
  • In the same vein, and eagle was the apex predator of the sky-it reminds you that it is important to stay on top as well is get to the top. And apex predator only has to worry about other apex predators, it doesn’t have to worry about anyone further down the food chain. When you become a winner, all you will have to worry about is other people who would be winners. The majority of people never aspire to the things that you aspire to, and so you don’t have to worry about them once you’ve achieved what you need to achieve.
  • An eagle sees further than other creatures – showing you the importance of staying clear sighted during troubled times, and showing you that you must always keep an eye on the future.

Why An Eagle Trophy?

For the reasons we’ve listed above, the eagle was a perfect animal to have on a trophy. Encapsulate all the different elements of what it takes to become a winner, and to remain winner. As such, the eagle serves as both an interesting figurine to have a trophy, and an aesthetically pleasing statue to look at, but it also serves as a metaphor for all the things that you would be proud of achieving. Also, it will help to serve as reminder that you must remain vigilant once you’ve achieved. Life is a never-ending set of competitions, and once you’ve won a trophy, you realise that you can win other things. The mind-set of a winner never leaves you, and if you have a trophy, you will be able to anchor that feeling and always use it to your advantage.


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