Employee of the Month Plaque

“Employee of the month” is a recognition award from the employers to their most productive and positive employees. Receiving this recognition award is an honor and an achievement for any employee for the matter of the fact. These awards acknowledge best worker for the hard work contributed towards the success of the business. External motivation and boosting service productivity are two main reasons for giving away employee of the month awards.

Employee of the month plaque can be given away on various occasions and events created by the business and team leaders to celebrate the success of the business, for example; team building outing, office parties, business anniversaries etc. Plaques, customized to the business event make fantastic appreciation award for the staff with wide options of materials to choose from. You can choose from wood, crystal or glass materials for plaques. Crystal and glass materials are the most preferred material today for they are stylish in looks and can be crafted to perfection.

If you are looking for employee of the month plaque for your best employee for a specific event then it is easy to customize it to your requirements by using artworks, company logo, name of the employee and achievement.





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