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Glass plaques and other similar items made from similar materials, can actually serve a whole variety of different purposes and are becoming more and more common with each passing day. People often think of plaques for award purposes, used to honour individuals who happen to have excelled in their chosen field, whatever it may be. Whilst glass, and indeed many other plaques are perfectly suited for award ceremonies and for honouring individuals who happen to have won said awards, there are also a number of other, slightly more unique and imaginative uses for these plaques as well, some of which you may not have considered. Here are a few examples.


Anniversary gifts – One great use for custom made glass plaques is that they can be used as anniversary gifts, either to a happy couple close to you, or even from you to your husband or wife. The great thing about these plaques is that they can be personalized as they’re handcrafted and custom made, so you can have your name, your partner’s name, the date, and even a short romantic poem or message engraved onto the plaque, which can then be placed in full view on a mantelpiece, a shelf, display cabinet, or anything else for that matter, for you both to admire.


Corporate gifts – Perhaps you would like to honour a member of staff or employee that has provided years of dedicated service to your company? If so, another great use for these glass plaques is as a corporate gift for said employee, outlining have grateful you are for their years of hard work and dedication.


Romantic gifts – Sticking with the anniversary theme, rather than having to have been married for years upon years, you can present your partner with an engraved and personalized glass plaque for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, or even just because. A short message, possibly even an engraved image carved into the surface perhaps, and you can guarantee that your partner will be absolutely made up with joy when they receive said gift.




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Glass Plaque

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