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Trophies are given out on various occasions and events; school events, corporate events and sports events are some of the events where trophies are given out as an appreciation for efforts and talent of individuals and teams. Trophies are made of different materials gold, silver or crystal but glass trophy has always a special place as far as award for excellence is concerned.

Trophies are considered as ultimate symbols of excellence. A glass trophy makes a wonderful gift of appreciation; may it be talent or efforts of individuals or groups. Employers award glass trophies to their employees at work to acknowledge their efforts and skills in achieving their objectives. Students are awarded achievement glass trophy for their excellence in academics and extracurricular activities.

Glass trophy can be designed and customized to various events; you can select from our exhaustive design range to suit the event you are hosting. We specialize in art glass trophy, golf glass trophy and star glass trophy. May it be an achievement trophy or recognition trophy; we design and deliver the trophy that best suits your event. The look and design of the glass trophies will enhance the receiver’s pride of achievement.

Many companies, schools and sports authorities prefer glass trophy to others as they serve as tangible reminders for success and achievement in the field excelled by the individuals apart from inspiring them to do better. Glass can be easily shaped and designed to match the theme of the events but needs robust equipment and skilled craftsmanship to deliver desired results.

State-of-the-art technology and skilled labour will give our glass trophies a sophisticated touch. A glass trophy can be proudly displayed and enhances the honour of the achievements to the receiver. Another reason for special place for glass trophy is that it never corrodes and remains new for many years.




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