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There’s an old saying that goes something like this “in life, the only two guaranteed investments are property and gold”. Now, we won’t be talking about property here, nor will we be talking about investments, but we will be talking about gold, or at least something made out of gold, which comes in the form of a gold plaque. Gold plaques look great, they’re functional, they’re practical, they can help increase status and leave lasting impressions, and above all else, they’re very popular. Gold plaques serve a number of different purposes, and can be used in many different ways. Here’s a look at just three examples.


As a desk sign – If you or somebody you know happens to work at or from a desk, a gold plaque could make a perfect gift in the form of a desk sign. The great thing about gold plaques is that they work so well with various materials, especially woods, so a simple wooden desk or door sign on a polished wooden backdrop will look stunning and highly professional. The plaques can be customized so the recipient of the sign can have their name and their title engraved, by hand, in a number of different fonts.


On framed records or pictures – Another great use for gold plaques is for the plates to be engraved and used on a framed record or picture before being hung on the wall. If a certain record, CD, or picture has some meaning to you, or an individual, it can be engraved and personalized, and then mounted on the same display before being hung on the wall. It isn’t just best-selling musicians that frame their records and CD’s, which is why these plaques and these displays are especially popular amongst music collectors and aficionados.


For sports teams – Sports teams, either amateur or professional, will hopefully win awards by excelling in their chosen sport. Once they win these awards, they can then display them proudly for all of their fans to admire. A gold plaque or plate is perfect for winning sports teams as they can again be engraved with the name of the team, which event/league/tournament they won, and the date they won as well. The plaque/plate can then be hung or mounted on the wall, and admired by fans, managers, and players alike.




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My clients were impressed with the plaques awarded to them. Thank you TrophySG!

Andy Koh


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