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Horse Racing and Equestrian Horse Riding have a history that runs two thousand years back in time where Greeks trained their warhorses with Dressage training. This sport then evolved through the Middle Age and today it is even a sport of Summer Olympics. Millions of wages are place on a daily basis on the horses people predict that would win various cross country and club events. When betting winners walk away with money the champion horse and the jockey walks away with a horse trophy.

Horseracing and other equestrian sports have been evolved greatly since the introduction and at modern times, races are organized for pure enjoyment and monetary reasons. The military aspect of the sports has eroded. Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping are the main categories of today’s horseracing. All these events test the endurance and the harmony between the rider and the beast.

The dedication, expertise, technique of the victorious race horses are awarded by horse trophies. These winners’ cups are manufactured using a wide range of material such as wood, bronze, silver, crystal, resin etc. is a prestigious seller of trophies for interested individual customers, horse riding organizations, clubs and associations around the world. The company maintains high standards when providing the valued customers with exquisite cups. Horse trophies are mainly a replica of a whole horse or a part of the animal mounted on a plaque that has engraved the winners name, year, sign of the Chair of the Club or association etc.

A trophy is an everlasting investment that is carried by the proud winner for generations to come. specializes in providing the best-customized horse trophies based on the customer requirement for the best value. If you are a member of a horse riding association or club, contact for the latest designs of awards, cups and horse trophies today.


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