Many kinds of plaques that you can choose to award your recipient.

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Award plaques are growing in popularity every single year, and are used in a whole variety of different locations, for a whole variety of different reasons. The great thing about award plaques is that they are handcrafted so each one is unique. On top of that, they can be customised and styled to the customer’s own unique specifications, in a style that best suits their requirements, and indeed the purpose of the plaque itself. Award plaques are often used in place of trophies and can be made from a number of different materials including glass, wood, metal, gold, acrylic, and much more. Thanks to the expert craftsmanship that goes into creating each award plaque, each plaque can be engraved and personalized to serve a specific purpose, whatever that may be. Here we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at a few uses for award plaques that you may not necessarily have considered before.

Awards ceremonies – Ok, as the clue is in the name, I.E AWARD plaque, you probably did consider this example but even so, we’ve included it just to be sure. One great use of these stunning pieces of craftsmanship is that they can be used at corporate events and awards ceremonies to honour and reward certain individuals who may have excelled in their specific field. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sports related, work related, literature related, charity related, or anything else, awards ceremonies need awards and these plaques are designed to do just that. The lucky winner of the award then gets to keep the plaque and frame it, or display it proudly on their mantelpiece or in a display cabinet perhaps where they can view it proudly.

In schools – Another very popular use for these award plaques is to be used in schools to honour star pupils every week. These plaques are literally works of art and are handed out to star pupils each week, who then perhaps get a certificate along with them, and the recognition of being star pupil for that particular week. It may vary from school to school but most schools will “loan” the plaque to the student for that week, and it will be their responsibility to look after it and bring it back in time for the next student winning it that next week. Not only does this give the child a sense of accomplishment and pride, it also teaches them responsibility as it will be their job to look after the plaque for a week, keeping it safe and in great condition.

At sporting events – Sporting events also often make use of these awards plaques, often in place of trophies, or perhaps as well as. The awards will work in the same way as a trophy or a winners medal, in which the winner or winners of the event, as well as the runners up, will be presented with the award plaque and will again then be able to keep it, and display it to be reminded of their accomplishment in their chosen sport. It doesn’t matter whether it’s football, tennis, golf, snooker, darts, or anything else, all sporting events hold tournaments and all winners and runners up of these tournaments need something to actually win and feel proud of, and that’s where these plaques prove so incredibly beneficial.