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Bring some excitement to your school, family, community, or business events.  Award the finest achievers with the gold medal they deserve, without actually paying for the weight in gold.  Plastic gold medals might cost cheap, but they don’t look it, especially for those earning them.  The symbolic gesture of awarding the top prizes to your athletes, achievers, and competitors is what keeps those doing what they do best.

Thinking of putting together a fun event for your family and friends?  You could hold a mock Olympics or sports tournament to see who has what it takes to grab the gold, silver, and bronze plastic medals.  When the whistle blows, those medals might as well be the real things being handed out by the professional leagues on TV.  A plastic medal dangling in front of someone’s face at the end of a long round of competition can be all that it takes for them to switch gears into turbo-mode and summon up the strength to push their minds and bodies further.  There’s no denying the power of recognition of someone’s talents when it comes to leading them down the path to success.

For the price of these plastic medals, you’re not going to find any others out there that bring the same level of quality and choices.  The best part about these plastic medals is that you can order large quantities without worry about being hit with heavy shipping and handling fees.  You could safely order a batch of plastic medals at late notice and be able to add that extra special touch to your upcoming event or celebration.

Children will remember that feeling of winning a plastic medal, even if it is for something as small as completing a project, breaking a personal fitness record, or passing the class with the highest grades.

Schedule a trivia or board game night with family and friends.  Make things just a bit more competitive and interesting by putting a prize at the end of the carrot stick.  Plastic medals can provide that extra level of excitement that turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

To make it even more exciting, consider a crystal trophy as the grand price for the who comes in first among all the medal winners.

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