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Quality medals and trophies with personalised engraving are what we specialise in. A medal is a memento, a souvenir that the concerned person participated in the event and a silver medal signifies that she/he stood 2nd in that event. A medal in its essence is very beautiful and it is significance to the challenges a person has faced to achieve it. Medals always have a story to tell: whether it is a celebration or an event. It is perfect for rewarding outstanding performances whether in sports, debates, competitions, leagues or championships. Traditionally medals were given for academic or sporting event or civic and military dues but now they have emerged in different fields such as art and tokens.

We at have experience and offer our expertise to help you choose the appropriate medal for any occasion. We not only help you in selection but also can customize it for you by putting your logo on it. Our website has varieties of medals so there is wide selection we offer and the process is also simple, just select the medal and place your order and we ship it to you. Did you know that in Olympics, the medals are not actually gold but they are gold plated silver medals, as gold is too costly to give as medals ? The tradition of the winners biting into their medals is because they would want to test the purity of gold in the medal, but now since its known that it is gold plated, the tradition is kept alive to bring a fun element into the ceremony, than just having the athlete pose alongside the medal.

Our medals come in different diameters and we can customize the logos for you. Place your order today!

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