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Winning the competition is a definite reward for your achievement, but having a shiny thing to show your friends as evidence of a reward of all your winning events is still enjoying. Of course, you’d want something to show them your achievements and if in case you are the one that is planning an award ceremony, there are a lot of options that you can choose from and silver plaque is definitely one of them.

Trophies, awards and plaques, are not just for showcase. These things are also very useful in encouraging better performance. Silver plaques, awards and crystal trophies are in a way like tokens that say “well done.” Giving them to winners can boost their confidence and motivate them to do even better in their next performance.

Award-giving bodies still give plaques to people who they deem to be winners in their respective fields. With its popularity up to these days, manufacturers have also improved the plaques that they do. Nowadays, plaques can be customized and designed. At TrophySG, you can have your plaques designed or engraved with personalized designs based on the person whom you intend to give the award to.

A silver plaque is an excellent choice to giving to people as it is memorable and lasting. With it, not only will people be more motivated, but they also feel that their work is much more appreciated and this compels them to do their work even better. Giving silver plaques as a reward for a winning event is truly a great way to reaffirm a victor’s will to perform; and for those who have lost, this is a great way of encouraging them for better performance next time

Having a silver plaque on your shelf as a reminder of your past victory is good.  Having something that is customized and personalized as recognition of your performance is even better. At TrophySG, we make sure the value of your plaque is worth so much more!





Plaques are excellent as appreciation awards. My clients were impressed!

Daphne Ho


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