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Trophies are very important. When we achieve something, or when we seek to reward someone for achieving something, trophies are a brilliant way of assuring that somebody will have an item which they can keep forever that will remind them of their former achievement. In addition to that, trophies serve as a way of reminding people the benefits of working hard, and also reminding them that if they give up before the job is done well, then they won’t reap the rewards that they could have done.

Depending on what it is you’ve achieved, sometimes you will need a high quality, professional looking trophy. For instance, you might wonder business award, or you might be awarding a crystal trophy to one of your employees. Now, this is going to have to look like something that somebody would want to put on their mantelpiece or on their wall. Therefore, there will be times when a simple plastic trophy or a glass plaque is not appropriate. For these times, you want something of a higher quality, and we will tell you what we suggest below. For now though, we will need to think about why you want a high quality plaque.

Sometimes, plastic simply isn’t going to be enough. We mentioned above that you might be giving an award to an employee. If you are giving this award because you are inspired by their hard work, you want the recipient to feel inspired as well. If they don’t, you’re less likely to get anyone else motivated to win a trophy. The same is true of sports trophies and other personal achievement trophies. People will have worked very hard to win whatever it is they are winning, and you won the trophy that you give them to be representative of the hard work they put in. Getting a high quality the water in, is a good way of ensuring that you get good quality results in whatever competition you are running.

Our suggested solution is to get a high quality, wooden plaque. The things wooden plaques is that they are durable, they look exceptional and professional, and they also go with people’s interiors. The problem with a glass plaque is that sometimes it won’t go with people’s interior design. You will very rarely have that problem with wood, because most people have at least some wooden furniture.

Whilst you can get wooden award plaques at a number of different vendors, we obviously recommend our own range and selection of wooden award plaques. The reason we do this is that we have selected our products for quality purposes. If you buy from us, then you know that you will be getting high-quality commemorative plaques that are suitable for any award purpose.


To have a look at the full range of wooden trophies that we have on offer, you can go to our website category page, which will find at this link: http://www.trophysg.com/product-category/plaques/wood-plaque/


We are sure that you will be pleased with our range, and we look forward to your custom. We also look forward to knowing that whoever you buy the wooden award plaque for will have a permanent item to commemorate their achievement.

Good quality product and service is great!

Sam Lim


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